Capacity Building Seminar For Religious, Educational Leaders Holds Tuesday

A Capacity building and value system advocacy for religious and educational leaders holds on Tuesday, May 24 at the Bethel Event Centre Ogbomoso in Oyo State.

The Covener of the Workshop Engr. KOLA Oyelowo of The Bethel Values Advocacy stated that the workshop is aimed at focusing on value systems for leaders while also entrenching proper values for the society.

He stated that the program is targeted at both religious and educational leaders due to their roles in imparting knowledge and teaching value based subjects.

Prof. Simeon Ayoola, Professor of Aquaculture University of Lagos will speak on LIFE IS SACRED: We stand against Rape and Suicide.

While Professor Emiola Nihinlola , President, Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary will speak on Work Has Dignity:We stand against idleness and ritual money.

Dr. Kehinde Babarinde, National Director, Education Dialogue and Value System Initiatives is expected to deliver a keynote paper on : Our Values will Determine What We Value.

Rev. PETER Bright Snr Executive Director, DIMEC Global Project Will is also expected to make presentation at the workshop.

The Program Director, Dr Kehinde Babarinde stated that participants are from LAUTECH,
Bowen University Teaching Hospital, Christian Association of Nigeria, The Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary and other institutions.

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