Maigari Lauds FIFA On Goalkeeping Course

Maigari on FIFA

By Gracious Akujobi

President of Nigeria Football Federation, Aminu Maigari has commended FIFA for approving FIFA Member Association Goalkeeping Course currently going on at the in Abuja.

FIFA instructor and goalkeeper trainer, Louis Clayton will train the goalkeepers at the Goal Project from September 22 – September 28.

Maigari, also disclosed that NFF will also organise another FIFA Course for Trainers all geared towards improving football in the country
“I am using this opportunity to thank FIFA for approving this Goalkeeping Course for the Nigeria Football Federation. I am also aware that starting from October 15 to October 19 this year the NFF will again witness another FIFA Course in Abuja.
“These two courses (Goalkeeping Course and Trainers Course) are very critical for our coaches and the progress of football in the country”, the NFF boss disclosed.
Maigari pointed to the fact that goalkeepers are very important to any football team all over the world. “We have witnessed a situation in an important international competition good goalkeeping has helped a team to stay in a competition and avoid embarrassing defeat while bad goalkeeping caused the elimination of teams in competitions. This show how important the department of goalkeeping is to every team”, he said.

FIFA Instructor, Clayton, praised the Nigeria Coaches for adapting well to the Course.
“I am happy and grateful that the Nigeria Football Federation has invited me as FIFA Instructor for this Course. I am also happy that Nigeria wants to embrace and envision the idea of accepting this course. It has always been my dream for Africa to have a unique programme for Goalkeeper trainers.
“In Africa, we have talents but we do not have technical capabilities and I am glad that the Nigeria Football Federation was able to see this to bring together these coaches to be able to embrace the ideas and they have been doing well since we commenced this course on Monday“, Clayton observed.
He also showered encomiums on Super Eagles Goalkeeper Coach who he revealed was his team mate at FC Zurich in Switzerland some years ago. He praised Shorunmu’s goalkeeping qualities during his active playing days, urging Nigerian young goalkeepers to emulate him.



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