Falcons Exit: Ex-NFF Boss, Lulu Faults Removal of Ruth David


ABUJA – Former President of Nigeria Football Federation Sani Lulu Abdullahi has voiced his displeasure at those who have heaped the blame of Super Falcons exit from the 2020 Olympic Games on the desk of an administrative staff.

Lulu told the media recently that Super Falcons recent set back is a collective responsibility that should  not be heaped  on Ruth David, the erstwhile Head of women football with Nigeria Football Federation. 
“Anybody attributing Super Falcons failure to Ruth David must have a rethink because she is just a member of staff who takes directives from administrative heads of the federation.                                            

“In the first place, why should anybody blame her for Super Falcons failure? Was she the coach?  There is a technical department whose duty is to monitor the  progress of the teams and advise accordingly.       


FIFA President Giani Infantino and Miss Ruth David

 “Her duty is administrative not technical. Even at administrative level, she has bosses whom she takes directives from. If there would be blame, it should go to the board and management not the staff” the former NFF  boss stated    
He continued: “I was shocked when I read barrel of criticisms and call for her removal when she is not the coach of the team. What happened is a collective responsibility and not one woman”              Lulu who pioneered the modern NFF as President posited that Miss David remains one of the  best things to have happened to the development of the women football with her devotion and passion to her job.    
“Ruth David was one of the most committed and dedicated staffers I worked with during my days in the Glass House” Lulu who is now a big time politician in Kogi state  quipped glowingly.

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