PDP Says Opposition Is A ‘Whitewashed Tomb’

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ) has described the attempt by the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) to distance itself and its leader, Mohammadu Buhari from a heavily indicting statement by Buhari’s  spokesman, that the leadership and governors of the Action Congress of () a key partner in the opposition merger  are corrupt as another clear example that the opposition in the country is a “whitewashed tomb.’

“This damming verdict did not come from our great party neither did it emanate from one of the fractious, ever disagreeing opposition outside the merger camp. It came from the heart of the merger itself. , General Buhari’s spokesman only bowed to the humanity in him, underwent purgation while succumbing to a self righting catharsis.

It is a pity that the top rank of his party, threatened by this heavy revelation, is making futile efforts to discredit the truth in its sacredness,” says a statement by the Acting National Publicity Secretary
of the PDP, Tony Casear Okeke.

Wondering why the CPC did not join hands with its cohorts in the to tackle and disprove the allegation of corruption hauled at its face by one of its own, the statement argued that the PDP is not surprised that the CPC would attempt to deny and distance itself from the spokesman of its leader.

“The , CPC, their major and minor allies in the APC have again shown that they are whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but in the inside is full of the unclean.

According to the statement, “where is the falsehood in Yinka comparing the N1billion per kilometer of road by the ACN governors under the express directive of Bola Tinubu and the N50 million per the same
kilometer of road under former Governor Alao Akala in Oyo State for which Yinka dragged the former Oyo Governor to the EFCC?”

“Where again is the lie in the fact that the ACN practices clique tyranny with the wife of its leader a Senator; son-in-law, a member of the House of Representatives; daughter-in-law in the Lagos State House of Assembly and daughter, the President-General of the Association of Nigerian Market Women and Men imposed by her father?” the party asked.

“The bottom line,” the PDP argued, “is that the opposition is the bastion of corruption and a brood of dictators even though in the manifesto of their merger, the APC ranks anti-corruption as cardinal.

“The summary once more is that the much vaunted opposition merger is only a union of the deceitful, the corrupt and the dictatorial. No political platform built on this tripod of vice can stand. It is therefore an early warning to all that the constituents of the APC having failed in their respective states to tame corruption nor its leadership willing to check festering impunity has nothing to offer to the nation”, the PDP said.

The party called on to note that those “who jam the airwaves with moral platitudes are indeed ravenous wolves well disguised as sheep”.

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