No Cause For Alarm On Nigerian Economy, Says Okupe


Senior Presidential Aide, Doyin Okupe has assured Nigerians that the nation’s economy is strong and vibrant hence, dispelling report of an impending collapse of the economy.

Briefing newsmen on Tuesday in , Okupe said the fact that the United States Government has discovered Shale would not give the Jonathan administration sleepless nights as measures have already been taken to find alternative markets.

According to him, government is already extending its frontiers to Europe and Asia to mitigate the impact of the decline in the US market. He also insisted it was wrong for anybody to raise alarm that the economy was collapsing.

His words,  “It is unfair and incorrect for anyone to suggest an impending collapse of the economy on the basis of a drop in crude sales which is not within the control of any single Nation, without taking into account current efforts by government to diversify the economy as well as fiscal measures which have resulted in inflow of over 14 billion dollar new investments in the non- sector of the economy as well as other favorable ratings of the Nigerian economy by International rating agencies.

“The inviolable truth is that the Nigerian economy, like the economy of other Nations has its challenges which the Jonathan administration has courageously and innovatively been tackling with measurable, obvious and clearly tangible positive results in the last two years.

“We wish to assert that the degree of transparency and forthrightness which this administration has displayed in the management of the economy in the last two years as well as the various fiscal policies, reforms and programmes adopted by the Jonathan administration since its inception do not give room for  fears that the economy might in any way be endangered.

“Already, the Federal Government is adopting appropriate strategies to effectively mitigate the impact of decline in the US markets,” he said.

Okupe also explained that the terms of contracts with Asian refiners were being increased, giving figures to back his claims.

He said, “The number and volume of term contracts with Asian refiners is gradually being increased. Current term volumes to Asian refiners stand at 120,000 barrels per day .In both the short and medium term, a combination of market openings in Europe and Asia will effectively compensate the loss of US market and offer needed support for Nigerian crude exports.

“Nigeria’s total National crude oil production is 2.06 million barrels per day.  Europe has become a major destination for Nigerian crude oil cargoes, with the volume of Nigerian crude oil grades going to Europe increasing from 28% in 2011 to about 38% in 2012.

“A major factor for the growing demand of Nigerian crudes in Europe has been the Free Trade Agreement between Europe and South Korea. It is more profitable under this Agreement to sell North Sea crude oil grades to Korea. Many companies prefer to trade their cargoes in Korea thus creating shortfall in Europe.

“In addition, the North Sea as a whole is recording annual natural decline from matured field of about 10%. In the same light, Asia’s demand for light sweet grade is raising, stepping up demand for Nigerian grades. India in particular is consistently taking an average of 120,000 barrels per day from Nigeria”.



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