The ‘Marriage Age’ Debate, an Unnecessary Diversion – Mallam Musa Daud

Alfa Musa

In The Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Ever Merciful

All praise is to Allah who has created Mankind and has given him intelligence.

Salutation is also due to The Messenger ( p.b.u.h) of Allah (Majesty is His), who in-spite of himself always wait for and on his Lord – Allah (s.w.t) not only for revelation but also for decision. It is on record that Muhammad never ever say anything except what Almighty directed him (s.a.w) to say: therefore, peace and salutation be upon the best of Mankind, Muhammad (s. a.w), his household, his companion, and those of that followed him till the Day of Judgment – Amin. 

As a matter of personal policy, I will never venture into politics and non of our trustees or executives should be partisan, as a Religious group it is for to accommodate all , however it is also our responsibility to educate and inform our members that are in politics and the large population of intelligent people – Muslims and non Muslim alike that are in need of information on Islamic on issues that are germane to the people.


 It is an open fact that Islam has firm on issues such as:

         Gambling or Lottery – It is forbidden

         Interest – Forbidden

         Sexual perversity: Prostitution, lesbian, homosexual, – prohibited

It is however interesting to note that these prohibitions are note a whimsical disposition, they are prohibited in the Code Book of Islam, the Constitution of Islam, the Universal Constitution  – the Glorious Qur’an.  If Religion is for Allah, and He has prescribed a Law to help you towards a sustainable development socially, materially, economically and all of these benefits wrapped up in spirituality, then it will be a ‘fait-accompli’ if the Muslims is against any ‘Call’ that will tamper with that position!

The beauty of Islam is that for everything it prohibits or frown it, it gives more than one substitution. 

                       Against sexual perversity like lesbian and homo, is the best

                       In the case of adultery, it recommends polygyny for men

                       (Man is basically greedy, remember?)

                       In the case of Gambling, it recommends trading

                      In the case of alcoholism, you have so many fruits to take from, besides water,                                     

                      Water is everywhere, the best solvent, the killer of thirst

Having said this, I find it interesting and diversionary that an issue that has been taking care of over the ages is what our “Esteemed” National Assembly is ‘worrying’ itself on and developing blood pressure on issue that have been settled by the Creator of the heavens and the earth. At least to the Muslim age of maturity is an individual thing, it is attached to individual biological timing, you know about the timing chain?

                    What am I saying? Let look at it this way.


Eating: to eat is an animal virtue. You do not need to be intelligent to know how to it. In fact it is mechanical. The majority of work to be done for digestion to happen is for the food to get to your mouth, from there the designer machine put together by Allah s.w.t takes over.

It is possible for a household to eat the same type of food, they can even start eating at about the same time, I want to ask I it is possible to fix exact time the digestion will be complete and the  wastes generated internally will is excreted? 

 Sleeping: Those in charge of students in the hostels do this often – ‘time out’ but do all go to sleep at exactly the same time? If for one reason or the other, you sleep at about the same time, waking up time will also have its differential. That baring any fire incidence!

Birth: any animal on this planet has to be born with the exception of the first set of creature on earth such as the First Man – Adam ( Adam  – a.s) that was created by Allah himself ( s.w.t ), every other human is born. It is possible for pregnancy to occur in women about the same time, they could even gave birth at about the same time and by the same parents, hit the first success, married and have children certainly will not be at exact the same time not to talk of the time to die, or found whom to marry.

Wealth:  Health is wealth so goes the adage, however, two people of of the same parents might not attain optimum health at the same optimal level. 

Dying: Death is another enigma. The only commodity that is common among human, animal and plant. The time differential is arranged by Allah ( s.w.t) unless there is calamity?

The limitation of man and woman is that, time, period, seasons, are not for man to legislate upon. That was why I marvel at the National Assembly when it could make it discretionary for anyone that has the money to attend any medical facility wherever he so pleases, Children could attend any school of choice, these are all very good.

It is however saddening that a Nation that claim it is fighting, our elites are always fighting. War against corruption, war against indiscipline, war against insecurity – in all these wars none is close to winning, rather loss is being marked against the system, yet they are still fighting.

If all these ‘fighting’ concerns is about the gir- child, it could have been easy if free, functional and compulsory education at all level is legislated on. It will also be most excellent if all educated girl are given automatic employment. As you are reading this, educational institutions are in compulsory recess, strike by ASSU is part of systemic failure like PHCN defunct. These are issues that could gain from good and effective legislation and practical actions could be taken. But no , unnecessary sentiment must be raised over issues that is the exclusive of the Creator of man and woman, and in the ‘concurrent’ legislative list of the family and individual concerned.  


If it is not possible to legislate on when to get hungry, sleep or die; how come you will legislate when a lady is to get married? In as much  as I frown at the manner Men are abusing womanhood, to be honest virtually all men in high positions are messing up girls and women, including the wife of legislature, ( house girl, sugar baby, etc) interfering in exclusive personal affair is diversionary. It might interest you to know that it is ‘women of substance’ that are into the trade of women trafficking, prostitution and that a lady had University education does not protect her from these vipers and vampires, oh God, deliver the girls and the Nation from these pretenders – Amin 

Nigerian elite alike have failed womanhood in such a way that those women that have been serially abused, beating, raped, divorced, single mother, abandoned wives now sees issues raised as if it is a favor done unto them. Head or tail, these shameless men will still exploit you.

Rather than playing politics with Islam for election purposes, I will feel Advocacy using the Enlightened Uztazes in the states concerned could have been a better option. When is threatened, family is threatened, when family is threatened then the Nation is in trouble. It is not a Constitutional Matter, haba, killing mosquito that perched on glass door with a sledge hammer? Wetin? Softly, softly dear ‘honorables’ and ‘distinguish’

Let the Advocacy start with the Governors, Senators, House members, Judges, Top Civil Servant and down the line. The Nation can then call for memorandum against adultery and fornication, stealing, killings, etc. if poverty is removed from family member, sending a child to school flow seamlessly. Let it be known that marriage is not and should not be the end to learning. It is from cradle to the grave! 


What is to be done if any of these occurs?

What do we do to those that are stealing the Common Wealth? 

What do we do to the” Sugar Daddies” and the “Madams?

It is not wisdom to put into our National Constitution an issue that could be resolved individually and communally. At best the Nation should give Nigerian good health facility instead of talking about sex openly  and indiscreetly. It is exclusively bedroom matter, respect matrimony please. 


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