Random Brainwave with Dare Lasisi

Dare Lasisi

We all have different missions in this world. I did not join the “Sai Barbarians” in 2015 despite threats, persecutions, and cheap blackmail against my personality in London. I was called many disgusting names under the sun because I refused to worship the “intellectually-challenged” old soldier from Daura.

An illegal immigrant? A jobless man? Another hungry PDP journalist with poor dressing?

A Commonwealth scholar as an illegal immigrant? Na Ogun go kill all of una, I swear to God! A jobless man? How can a jobless man in London be sharing free money on Facebook for total strangers?

Another hungry PDP journalist with poor dressing? So what?  Wetin concern you if I no dress very well? Aye gbogbo yin ko ni suwon.

Can I call out all the braindead London-based Nigerian Muslims who “persecuted” me because I openly campaigned against Buhari in 2015? Nothing to fear. I swear with my blood. I swear again, again and again and again and again and again.

“Buhari is our fellow Muslim brother, we need to support him bla bla bla bla.” One London-based “popular” Nigerian Imam strongly cautioned me. I later discovered that General Buhari paid him cool cash. Yes! I am not here to leak dark secrets but to set the records straight!

So fu*king what? I no dey carry any religion for head at all. For now, I believe in God as an African man.

To be honest, I was harassed in many public functions in London because I said Buhari is a fake man of integrity. My spirit can NEVER support him. It is my choice. It is my life. It is my cross.

I was even reported to my wife to control my anti-Buhari updates on Facebook. I told Iyawo Gani one day…” All my life, I am an activist, I told you before marriage. Don’t caution my pen. This is my life. I can never close my eyes to injustice or oppression.

I received many midnight phone threats of death in London, I  reported the incident at a police station in Stratford, east London. I announced on Facebook at that time but some rubbish people said I was looking for attention or cheap popularity.  It got to a stage, some friends advised me to deactivate my Facebook page. I rejected the advice!

When it was so difficult to break my spirit, these wicked souls tried another laughable trick to destroy my home.

One strange lady (Funke, maybe a fake name!) called my wife to cook up rubbish falsehood. May God heavily punish this nasty Funke and her sponsors.

“Hello, are you Mr. Dare Lasisi’s wife? My name is Funke, the mother of his daughter in Lagos. I am your husband’s girlfriend. Tell him to look after his daughter because he abandoned us for more than 4 years now.”

When my wife eventually challenged me, I told her the raw truth, I even cursed myself if I had any business with this Funke.

“At my age, I am above any cheap blackmail. If I have any child anywhere in the world, nothing to fear to tell my friends and relatives. As long as I am not asking you for money to look after them. What’s your problem? You as my wife failed to ask for this Funke’s phone number. Let me speak to her directly, and let her show the photograph of my abandoned daughter. I am even ready for a DNA paternity test. Nonsense! I am a Muslim man who can marry 4 wives as long as I have the financial power and true love.”

To cut the long story short, it was a 100 % fake story to destroy my marital life. Where is Oloriburuku Funke today? I dey laff oooo.

On a personal view, God is too slow to punish all the wicked Nigerian politicians from 1960 as we can see from the bitterness of #ENDSARSNOW protesters; burning down buildings and destroying cars and valuable items. Enough is enough!

Perfect peace for all the peaceful protesters murdered in cold blood by the trigger-happy soldiers and police. They must not die in vain. We must all “SoroSoke” for them now.

Nigerian politicians won’t treat Nigerians as a piece of sh*t again after this drama unless if cursed from their remote villages. 

This is the best time to restructure the country. That’s the loading REVOLUTION.

We have many talented youths in Nigeria but nobody to financially empower them despite the abundant resources in the country.

It is an open secret that government-sponsored hoodlums have infiltrated and hijacked the protests and this is the right time to re-strategize and give peace a chance. All eyes on Nigeria right now. 


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