Left Handers Day: We are blessed, intelligent – Jos left handers

As the world marks International Left Handers Day, some left handed people in Jos say they regard their nature as a blessing from God.
The International Left Handers Day is observed annually on Aug.13 to celebrate the uniqueness and differences of the left handers.
It was created to raise awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed in a predominantly right-handed world.
They told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that they did not see their situation as a challenge but a gift from God as they were exceptionally intelligent in their various endeavours in life.
One of them, Mr Josiah Ishaya, a corp member, said he regarded his left handedness as a blessing from God and an advantage.
“As a left-handed man, I am extremely fast; very logical and intelligent as a graduate of Mining Engineering, so I can categorically say I am blessed,” Ishaya said.
Similarly, Mrs Onyinye Ushie, whose son is left handed, said that her son was highly intelligent and significantly organised.
“He is gifted , his performance in school could be rated excellent, though his hand writing is not very legible but he is improving by the day, ” Ushie said.
Another parent, Mrs Bukola Afolabi said her daughter started school with left hand but was asked to use right hand in school without her knowledge.
“I noticed she was always trying to use the right hand and was really struggling with it and when asked, she said her teacher told her to always use her right hand.
” This affected her performance but later she blended well and can now use both hands, “said Afolabi.
Another left hander, Miss Yuwa Gaiya, said her father encouraged her to use her left hand as she was most comfortable with it.
“I am very very intelligent, communicative, bold and an orator, and by the way, we have 3 lefties in my family. I must say it feels really good to use the left hand,”Gaiya said.

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