INEC To FG: We Need More Funds


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) requires more funds to discharge its functions on the road to 2015, the commission’s chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega said on Wednesday.

Jega was speaking to Resident Electoral Commissioners (REC) across the 36 states during the third quarterly meeting in Abuja. He used the occasion to prepare their minds on what to expect as the nation draws closer to general election.

“As you are aware, we are doing our best to improve the working environment in the states, local government areas and even at the national level. And it is a very challenging task indeed because a lot of the things that we have to do require funds and budgetary provisions and regrettably we do not always get what we believe we need to be able address some of these challenges.

“So, please bear with us as we continue to engage government and the legislators to have more resources to be able to improve our working conditions improve our emoluments and other needs which will ensure us to do our jobs even much better with greater satisfaction.”
The INEC boss told the RECs to be prepared to take tough decisions, urging them to always be guided by legal implication of their action.

Jega spoke further, “there is no doubt that as we inch along and get closer to 2015, the work load on us increases the pressure increases. We will come under all sorts of attacks and challenges from the gladiators in the arena. The key challenge for all of us is to remain focused on what is to be done, to operate within the law and ensure that we are impartial, non partisan and we are fully compliant with the legal framework.

“With the kind of environment that we operate we will not please everybody. When you take a decision one side is happy and the other side is not happy. And in our own country where people are not happy they more or less lose their senses and they do all sorts of things throw all sorts of insults. And in fact often display a tendency of throwing the baby with the birth water. So that is the nature of our political terrain.”

“I urge you to discharge these responsibilities creditably and you have been doing your best for the commission and for the country. May God almighty continue to assist you as we try to make 2015 much better than 2011”.


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