Fayose Rewards Detained Lawmaker With A Car Gift For Loyalty

Ekiti State Gov. Ayodele Fayose
Ekiti State Gov. Ayodele Fayose

Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose Saturday said that the Directorate of State Security (DSS) only succeeded in tarnishing its own image by attempting to allegedly coerce members of the state Assembly to act the script of his detractors which is to impeach him.

Governor Fayose who rewarded Honourable Afolabi Akanni who was detained for 18 days by the DSS, with a car gift, said this while hosting the lawmakers yesterday at the Jibowu Hall of his office.

His words: “This House of Assembly is very unique and exemplary. You have refused to be bought over. My detractors have money and influence but Power of God starts where that of men stops. I’m so proud of you. You have shown that you can see beyond today. Wealth is not the amount of money in your bank but your level of integrity. You represent and carry yourselves as responsible Nigerians. The Old testament has to give way to the new testament. You are the ‘New testament’ House of Assembly.


“Betrayers will only contribute to the success of the person being betrayed. Those that betrayed us in the first term are no longer relevant today. Many of them even suffered and regretted their actions. Together we stand and I know the House will never divide. I don’t regret standing for those incarcerated. This is an opportunity for us to stand for our tomorrow. The DG of SSS, Daura only succeeded in tarnishing the image of the security outfit. We must be courageous and fearless like the book of Joshua admonishes us. Persecution and oppression will only makes us better. My detention in Ikoyi prison made me a better man. It made me to reflect on so many things. It is my duty to reward loyalty and forthrightness and I’ll not stop doing it. I hereby present this car key to Hon Akanni Afolabi, who stood in the face of oppression.”

Hon Akanni Afolabi who expressed his gratitude to the governor, said: ” I can authoritatively say that the governor is a great leader and a great mentor. He remains a very honest man who also stand by his followers. I was so sure that he will fight my cause while in detention and I was not disappointed.

The DSS asked me so many questions about the governor and I stood my ground.

Governor Fayose is one man that I can never betray because he is my helper and my mentor. He has done a lot for me.

I advise all of us to stand solidly behind this man. Any attempt to betray him will lead to your own downfall. I must say that the DSS are bent on destroying this democracy.

Once again, let me reiterate that the governor is a promise keeper.”


Also lauding the governor’s effort, the Leader of the House Hon Tunji Akinyele, said: ” we appreciate the governor for his outstanding, courageous and wonderful leadership. He fought the battle so hard to ensure the release of Hon Akanni. All members of the House were also united in fighting the  battle.

Whatever they may call us, we will stand solidly behind the governor.


Another prominent member of the Hon Samuel Omotoso who revealed how the House fought hard to ensure release of detained members, said : ” we were at different places including National Assembly, US embassy, NBA, among others and raised our voices so loudly. The President is. A dictator who is using the DSS to muzzle the opposition. Several rights of Hon Akanni were infringed upon and we need to seek redress.”


The Deputy Speaker, Hon Segun Akinwumi also eulogised the governor, adding that he deserved unreserved loyalty: “the Governor has shown that he deserves our. Unrelenting trustworthiness, total loyalty. The Governor can be compared to the late sage. His legacies will continue to speak for him.”


Noting that DSS battle against the House was a test of its unity and commitment, Hon Aribisogan, said: ” We thank God for a person like Governor Fayose. It happened in Akwa Ibom and they went dumb. But Governor Fayose tackled this headlong and we could all see the result.”


The Speaker of the House, Honourable Kola Oluwawole who revealed that there are lots of lessons to be learnt on the DSS debacle, adds: “There is a divine arrangement in this. The Lord has only shown us what the enemies of capable of doing. That’s why they did it early enought. This will make us be on our guide before 2017 and 2018. We should however be prepared. Asked yourself if what happened to Akanni had happened to you, won’t you have betrayed the trust in the government of the state. We must be ready to support our courageous and fearless governor all the times.”

Deputy Governor Olusola Kolapo noted that the governor has proved himself as a faithful leader by his show of support for his followers, saying: “He is a leader that celebrates loyalty, pragmatic and forward looking leadership is his watchword. I must confess that I have read a lot os books on leadership but I have been learning the practical aspects of it from the governor.

Let us be prepared for more battles but like Jesus said, ‘It is finished’ today is a good Friday and it is symbolic. All our enemies will be conquered.‎”

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