Pakistan PM allegedly asks ministers to avoid commenting on Taliban takeover

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has allegedly directed his cabinet ministers to refrain from commenting on the takeover of Afghanistan, describing it as a “sensitive matter”.

PM Khan on Friday, reportedly said “not all the ministers should speak on the subject on any platform, including media. Only the ministers concerned are authorised to make statements on the current situation in Afghanistan.’’

Khan’s reported decision came against the backdrop of the fallen Afghan government accusing Pakistan of supporting the Islamist group.

Relations between Kabul and Islamabad deteriorated further when thousands of reportedly fled into Pakistan amid an offensive by the Afghan National Security Forces to reclaim control over border areas.

Injured terrorist fighters are thought to have received treatment in a Pakistani hospital.

Meanwhile, Khan has congratulated the Afghan people on “breaking the shackles slavery” in the wake of the group’s takeover of Kabul.

Afghanistan has plunged into chaos amid the ongoing withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops from the country after 20 years of engagement.

The has managed to take control of Aghanistan, eventually capturing the capital on Sunday. (Sputnik/NAN)

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