Hand sanitiser doesn’t affect finger print – Expert

An expert in Community Medicine, Dr Olubukunola Omobuwa, says the use of alcohol-based hand sanitiser does not affect the skin layer of the finger.

Omobuwa, of the Department of Community Medicine, State University, Osogbo campus, stated this in an interview with the News Agency of (NAN) on Tuesday in Osogbo.

The university teacher made the clarification against the backdrop of a recent report which said that frequent use of hand sanitiser could erase the layers of the finger.

Omobuwa, however, said that there was no scientific proof that frequent use of hand sanitiser could affect or remove the thick layer of the finger.

She noted that people had been using hand sanitiser before the advent of without any complaint of disappearance of their finger layers.

According to her, the alcohol contained in the hand sanitiser does not wear off the skin layers of the finger.

“I am aware of the fact that some exposure to certain medical substances could cause irritation to the finger, particularly repeated exposure.

“However, the frequent use of hand sanitiser cannot affect the finger layers in anyway, except the person has a serious skin problem, which may temporarily affect it. But such a situation is not common.

“Ordinarily, with the normal use of hand sanitiser, there should not be any noticeable disappearance of the finger layers,’’ the don said.

Omobuwa urged Nigerians to continue to wash their hands with clean water and mild soap, coupled with the use of hand sanitiser, especially where water was not available.

According to her, the virus is still very much around, hence the need for people to be more cautious. (NAN)

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