Abuja Bomb Explosion: HURIWA Calls For Vigilance

Nyanyan bomb blast 2

A pro democracy group, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has condemned the early Monday morning bombing by suspected armed insurgents around the crowded Nyanya/Abuja Public Park.
HURIWA has therefore asked the office of the National Security Adviser to the President to establish national terrorism early warning and alert system for the purposes of designating colors to indicate varying degrees of anticipated terrorism threats based on credible intelligence at the disposal of the office with a view to making it possible to reduce number of civilian fatalities whenever bombing attacks occur.
In a statement jointly issued by the National Coordinator, Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Media Affairs Director, Zainab Yusuf, HURIWA blamed the general apathy, lethargy and lack of public vigilance for the dastardly criminal act of genocide even as it canvassed the comprehensive reorganization of the National Orientation Agency to wage effective mass mobilization campaign across the country to increase public awareness.
The group argued that the high incidence of civilian casualties in terrorism related attacks across the country are very clear signals that the officials of the National Orientation Agency have failed to wage effective, meaningful, constructive and people-driven campaign to enlighten Nigerians on ways, means and strategies for preventing large scale fatalities in emergencies occasioned by terrorism related bombing attacks.

HURIWA, which further canvassed public support for ongoing anti-terrorism campaign said it was imperative that the National Orientation Agency [NOA] is reorganized and re-energized to sensitize the rural and urban residents on strategies for staying several steps ahead of the terrorists who are prowling round like roaring lions looking for soft targets to plant explosive devices.
Besides, the Rights group blamed what it describes as “abysmal” intelligence failure for the dastardly criminal bombing campaign in Nyanya, a place not too far away from the Nation’s seat of political power.
The group expressed worry that if such devastating bomb explosion could happen few meters away from “fortified” military formations and barracks, it could as well be assumed that Nigeria is in a state of war demanding immediate National Orientation of law abiding Nigerians on steps to maintain heightened state of alert.
The Rights Group has also called on the office the National Security Adviser to the President to borrow a leaf from developed societies by regularly briefing Nigerians on the type of vigilance and alert measures to be adopted such as are practiced in Britain whereby certain colours are designated as warning signals on what members of the public should do.
HURIWA said thus: “while joining million of persons of goodwill from around the world to condemn this latest round of dare devil genocidal campaign organized and masterminded by terrorists against Nigerians, we hereby call on the Federal Government to take measures to reorganize the National Orientation Agency to wage pro-vigilance campaign so Nigerians can watch out for signs of terrorism plots”.

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