Yes, I requested for N13m loan from NBC but… – Minister


APC spokesperson, Lai Mohammed
APC spokesperson, Lai Mohammed

ABUJA – The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has confirmed requesting for a loan of N13 million from the National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, to undertake an official trip to China.

The letter requesting for the loan was written by the Director of Public Relations and Protocol, Peter Dama, on behalf of the Minister and dated May 11, 2016.

Mr. Mohammed and other members of the delegation are billed to travel to China on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

However, the letter which was leaked to the media has received wide condemnation on the social media in the last 24 hours.

Copy of the letter requesting for loan from NBC
Copy of the letter requesting for loan from NBC

Reacting on behalf of the Minister, the Director of Public Relations, Mr. Dama, in a statement on Friday, said the money was not meant for the Minister’s use alone but all the five members of the delegation, covering air tickets and other things.

The statement reads in full:

My attention has been drawn to a letter I endorsed to the Ag. Director General, National Broadcasting Commission requesting for a loan of N13,120,470.00 to cover tickets and travel expenses of a five-member delegation being led by the Honourable Minister of Information and Culture to Beijing, China, which was mischievously leaked to the social media by staff of National Broadcasting Commission.

The loan being requested for is for the Ministry to meet up its obligations to enable the Minister and members of his delegation attend an all important Conference on Tourism for Development in China, that is meant to benefit this country.

.The loan is not meant for the Honourable Minister alone as personal expenses, but for the expenses of all members of the delegation.

The Conference, which is being organized by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation in conjunction with the Government of the People’s Republic of China, under the overall theme “Tourism for Peace and Development,” will feature amongst others discussions on major issues for sustainable development including the contribution of Tourism to poverty reduction and peace The Conference will also feature discussion on major issues that have direct bearing on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), poverty alleviation through Tourism and the linkage between Tourism peace at the National and International levels.

China on this occasion as chair of G20 will also host the 7th T20 Ministers meeting under the theme “Sustainable Tourism, An Effective Tool for Inclusive Development.”

The Conference is a veritable platform to develop synergy and partnership with players in the global Tourism Industry which will go a long way in boosting our drive to diversify the Nigerian economy.

It is also important to note that the Minister and his delegation were to have discussion in China with Set Top Box Manufacturers, who are meant to establish manufacturing factories in Nigeria for these boxes for our digital broadcasting processes, rather than the current situation in which the boxes are being imported. This is meant to conserve our foreign exchange and to also create avenue for job creation for our citizen.

From the foregoing, it is clear that the Conference is an all important gathering that will benefit Nigeria, contribute towards diversification of its revenue base and create employment opportunities for Nigerians.

Again, it is not unusual for an agency under the Ministry to assist in order to carry out government functions.  Moreover, the request was discussed with the Ag. Director General NBC, who agreed to assist with the loan before the letter was written.  It is therefore shocking to find out that an internal memorandum from the Ministry could be leaked out to the social media by saboteurs in order to embarrass the government.

Please note, multiple letters were not written to government agencies as alleged, we only wrote to NBC after discussing with the Ag. DG.  Payments were to be effected if the fund were loaned out based on extant financial regulations.  There is nothing wrong with the request of the Ministry to meet up with an important assignment meant to benefit the country.

Finally, the loan that was requested for is NOT meant for Lai Mohammed as being imputed but for the entire five members of the delegation to cover for tickets, travel allowances and other incidentals.


Dama, N.P.D.

Director, Public Relations and Protocol

Federal Ministry of Information and Culture


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