Troops ambush Boko Haram suicide bomber

Nigerian troops
Nigerian troops

Nigerian Army on Sunday announced that troops of 25 Task Force Brigade ambushed and killed a Boko Haram terrorist suicide bomber at Kumala and Musafanari villages general area at night effectively saving lives and properties of innocent citizens.
The troops who on receipt of information, laid an ambush for the terrorist at suspected Boko Haram terrorists crossing point, engaged the terrorist who was obviously on suicide mission, from Sambisa general area. The bomber paid the price of his wicked activities as he was dealt with decisively.
Army spokesperson, Col Sani Usman, said the troops recovered a motorcycle, 12 primed Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and a hand bag containing personal effects which included a hijab obviously meant for disguise and concealment of explosives for the intended nefarious act.
He also assured that the morale of troops remains high as they continue to mop up all surviving terrorists.

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