Oyeyemi warns against stockpiling fuel in vehicles


FRSC Boss, Boboye Oyeyemi
FRSC Boss, Boboye Oyeyemi

The Federal Road Safety Corps Marshal, Boboye Oyeyemi has called on motorists in Nigeria who are in the habit of stockpiling fuel during emergency periods of fuel scarcity to reconsider such habits and desist from doing so as the flammable petroleum product poses very serious health hazards in case of road crash.

In a statement released by the Head Media Relations and Strategy of the Corps, Corps Commander Bisi Kazeem, he revealed that the Corps Marshal has advised that it is better to bear with the crunch of the moment than to stash up fuel in vehicles, whether commercial or private.

Commander Bisi Kazeem stated that the Corps has noticed that this has become a trend among most commercial vehicle drivers during periods of fuel scarcity, adding that it is as a result of this the Corps Marshal is also urging passengers who notice such moves by their drivers to question it and reject travelling with the vehicles.

According to Kazeem, the Corps marshal asserted that travelling with Commercial Vehicles that stock pile fuel does not only pose dangers in the event of a crash, but is also not healthy to breath in the petroleum emission that permeates the air in the vehicles they are stored while on transit.

While quoting the Corps Marshal, Commander Kazeem stated thus, “aside the fact that the product is flammable, not all passengers are healthy; some are asthmatic and cannot bear breathing gasoline in such airtight conditions”.

Against this backdrop, the Head Media Relations and Strategy said that the Corps is calling on commercial drivers to protect the lives of their passengers by staying off those unethical standards of stockpiling fuel in their vehicles.

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