An Open Letter To Mr Peter Ayodele Fayose, By Yemi Ayodele Ayeni

Governor Ayo Fayose
Ekiti State Gov. Ayodele Fayose

Dear Mr. Oshokomale,

This entreaty may be meaningless to you since you have considered yourself a potentate in Ekiti state who all and sundry are to serve all their lives. My prayer is that I will never be part of slaves that will serve you forever in Ekiti because it is not wise for a man to assume the position of God. I can hear a resounding and reasonable amen from millions of Ekiti people home and abroad.

Sir, which position did you reserve for God when you uttered this gibberish that your father prayed that Ekiti people will serve you forever? You claim to be a son of clergy and a spouse of a prayer warrior but your ways of life are ungodly and impassive to the plight of the masses.

Initially, I was ruminating on how God loves you, the uncommon grace He showered on you and His mercy that was sprinkled on your head in 2003 and repeated in 2014 in spite of your humiliation out of in 2006. With recent happenings and your utterances since you have returned to Government house, it suffices to say your journey is akin to that of Pharaoh whom God lifted up for an unending fall.

Your triumphant entry to Ekiti in 2014 appeared to many people as a strange and unusual occurrence including myself, nevertheless, we all welcomed you based on party loyalty and patriotism. Your common saying was that you were a changed person claiming you have outgrown your exuberance as a man over 50 years of age but we failed to realise that an animal called leopard will never change its skin even if Tura soap is used for bathing. We thought we could believe your words as you always attached the name of God to them and in your usual fraudulent way invoking the Almighty name to back them up, no doubt, we were duped and dribbled with subterfuge of your cunning professionalism.

You started hitting your devilish hammer on members of your party who wanted to vie for elective positions and you obviously schemed them out of the race by substituting meritocracy with nepotism. You preferred to scare intelligent and educated aspirants away and ensured your primitive stooges had their ways. Hardly did we know that you had envisaged the reason why you preferred your half-baked puppets then, it is becoming pellucid now as you have enriched yourself at the detriment of Ekiti people without any circumspection from the legislative arm. You have inserted different words to the dictionary of democracy in Ekiti to the extent some legislative members are unable to understand what motion means in the chamber.

Sir, the crux of my letter is to plead with you on the plight of workers. It is evident you cannot further claim you love them as they are suffering without salary and you are keeping hundreds of millions in the bank after expending billions on properties across the country. Mr Irumole ti n je jollof, you are wicked and callous sir.

You are distributing 5kg of rice and N200 to select few every six month. Can this sustain a widow with two children in two days? Is that what will end poverty in Ekiti? Is that what they will use to pay for their wards’s tuition in different schools?  I am aware distribution of rice is another conduit pipe for your usual siphoning manner because your rapacious quest is uncontrollable.

Mr Governor, I read in the newspaper yesterday that you have advertised for tenders on the construction of new Governor’s office. I do not want to believe that something is amiss mentally. You cried to the whole world that the debt hanging on the neck of Ekiti which was orchestrated by Dr Kayode Fayemi would linger till 2035. The bond resulting to this debt was expended on an expansive modern Government house/office which many believe was outrageous for a struggling state like Ekiti. Planning a new Governor’s office calls for mental review or assessment of whoever authorised it sir. When you announced on the radio that aeroplane would land in Ekiti before your term expires, some of us knew what you were up to. Where is the project today? Mr Governor, please stop calling us fools. You always look for capital projects that are of little or no value to Ekiti as long as your own pecuniary interests are protected. It is very nauseating when germane projects are being executed in other states, you run after pettifogging projects because of your covetous manner.

On a last note sir, I will admonish you to stop deceiving our people. Is it not a prank upon uneducated market women when you buy tomatoes that would not get to the Government house with you? Is it not a total deceit when you jump on Okada while your children are having fleet of luxury cars or a slap on the civil servants when you went on strike with them and hundreds of millions are splashed across different accounts of yours while their salaries are not being paid? Sir, do not be surprised that this is coming from my table, I have determined to stand by my people of Ekiti rather than being loyal to any party.

I will end this letter with the words in Ecclesiastes 7:5, it is better for a man to hear the rebuke of the wise than to hear the songs of fools and also pertinent to remind you of what happened to Saul at Mount Gilboa when he attempted to escape capture by the Philistines.

Long live Ekiti State! Long live Nigeria!

Yemi Ayodele Ayeni

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