NGF: Amaechi To Jang, I Won’t Step Down For You

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Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers has called on his Plateau state counterpart, Governor Jonah Jang to embrace the spirit of togetherness that the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF) was noted for, insisting he will not surrender his second term mandate as the Forum’s chairman.


Governor Amaechi spoke to reporters at the NGF secretariat in Abuja shortly after addressing the staff. He assured the staff that the crisis within the NGF will not affect the regular payment of their salaries.


His words, “I think that as a secretariat you should forget the internal dynamics of the politics of NGF. We are colleagues when we talk among ourselves you will understand that there are underline factors that are making them to behave the way they are behaving that you cannot take away. It is usually things that happen sometime, it is beyond the control of the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, but either way be rest assure of you salaries,” he assured.

Reacting to a question on whether he would surrender his mandate, the Governor said, “No, No, No. That is a mandate that was freely given and I will stick to that mandate.


“The election has come and gone, like I said after the election… It was a test for democracy and democracy won at the end of the day. All we can do as democrats that were elected by the people is to uphold democracy and stand by democracy.”

“I honestly do not know why the disagreement, I don’t know why. I believe that my brothers and colleagues will see reason why we should stop distracting the country and get the country united to focus on development because at the end of the day it is about legacy, it is about what we will leave behind for the people,” he said.


Governor Amaechi opined that if not well handled, the NGF crisis could affect the 2015 elections. He spoke further, “again tell my brother Mimiko that he voted, if he still say he did not vote I am willing to go with him to his Church, Redeemed Church, we kneel in the alter and say it before God.

“I want to urge Jang because he said he is Christian to know that God watches over everybody and whatever you say, say it according to God because beyond NGF you and I know that there is heaven and you can’t go to heaven if you don’t tell the truth and stand by the truth. I am not saying he is not saying the truth, I am not saying he is not standing by the truth, I am just saying that nobody can go to heaven when he is not saying the truth.

“There is no special benefit that the Nigeria Governors’ Forum Chairman is getting. I don’t see why there is this disagreement. When I read them saying I am desperate, desperate for what? I am only proving a point that Nigerians are allowed to run for any post they want to run. And when they do and they are elected, they should stick to their mandates. That is the only point.”

 “My brothers, who are complaining about the election, should come back and let’s work together. They must be willing just as we are willing to accept. It is not really a battle, it is about God. I usually tell people, don’t win the battle and lose the war.”


“I think all of us should come together and work for the interest of the nation and for the interest of the poor masses. We should not allow our personal interest to override that of the nation. It is important we consider the interest of the nation.”’ Amaechi stated



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