Mimiko rejoining Labour Party, a good plus, by Kayode Ajulo

In times like this, thoughts in their myriads are sure to sprout about the return of Dr. Mimiko to the .

While varied vent of expressions is not unexpected, I dare say Dr. Olusegun Mimiko is a quintessential leader whose records of public service to the country, and particularly in may take a while to fade.

While my engagements in political sphere did not start with Dr. Mimiko and will definitely not end with him, one must not fail to say his are outstanding ideologies that will lure fine minds, notwithstanding ifs and buts.

I carried early political pursuits, as, from hindsight, as a teenager, yes, in my teens, in Abuja, I became a leader and elected official of a trade union, even before I gained admission to study law at University of Jos, where I had the profound privilege to be several times elected into executive and parliament of the Student Union Government of the school.

Coincidentally, this while the June 12 debacle and allied nightmares created by the military goons lasted. So, meeting Dr. Mimiko, confessedly, brought a wholesale difference to the game entirely. Arguably, he’s an asset to any political association that has his presence.

As a mind long addicted with progressives aspiration and peoples emancipation, I believe in Labour/Work Force as the defender and harbinger of People interest and aspiration, this unshakable belief was further fortified during my doctoral study in UK where is more organized and effective.

Whatever impression, Dr. Mimiko has the right to pitch political tent anywhere he so chooses. It becomes even more comforting if he has decided to return to a party where he once made and left sterling contributions, a party where his immediate family, his ever peaceful and adorable wife particularly, has remained spiritedly attached all along.

Granted, things warped up in , such that genuine harbingers of progressivism are often controverted and sometimes largely misrepresented.

However, there will always exceptions and, for one, it’s pride to be counted as one of those who believe in certain principle of handling things and who embark convincingly on such pursuits on logical basis at each point where doing same is important. That is what Dr. Mimiko has done correctly.

Many would recall I voluntarily resigned as National Secretary because certain things clashed with my ideas, values and schedules, I have, however, remained a committed leader who has unrepentant knack for finesse.

I’m, body and soul attached to the Labour party. The rejoining of the party by Dr. Mimiko is but a plus. A good plus, anyway!

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