Jonathan canvasses international cooperation against terrorism


 on Tuesday called for greater global cooperation and coordination in the war against terrorism.

The President spoke at separate audiences with the new ambassadors of , Russia, Greece, Senegal and Algeria who presented their letters of credence to him at the , Abuja.

President Jonathan said that Nigeria and other countries will benefit immensely from greater collaboration amongst their agencies on efforts to combat domestic and international terrorism.

He told the incoming ambassadors that Nigeria would welcome increased cooperation from countries that are more experienced in such matters for its ongoing operations against domestic terrorist groups.

The President also told the new Israeli Ambassador, Mr. Uriel Palti that he looked forward to visiting later this year and discussing ways of enhancing bilateral cooperation between Nigeria and with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He also assured Mr. Alekos Oikonomopoulos, Mr. Nikolay Udovichenko, Mr. Belkacem Smaili and Mr. Amadou Habibou, the new ambassadors of Greece, Russia, Algeria and Senegal respectively, that the Federal Government will fully support their efforts to strengthen existing cordial relations between Nigeria and their countries.

The new ambassadors all expressed their delight at being posted to Nigeria and promised to do everything possible to strengthen diplomatic and economic ties between their countries and Nigeria.

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