EU Kicks Against Anti Same-Sex Marriage Law



The European Union (EU) has also joined other western countries that have condemned the signing of anti same-sex marriage law by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, Catherine Ashton noted that the Act contradicts the 1999 Constitution and international agreements to which Nigeria is a party.
Ashton’s statement released by the EU office in Abuja on Wednesday reads, “I am concerned about the signing into law in Nigeria of the same-sex Marriage prohibition act.
“The European Union is opposed to discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation. It is firmly committed to human rights and rule of law in respect of those rights, including freedom of association, conscience and speech and equality of persons. It supports the respect of human rights in all countries of the world.
“I am therefore particularly concerned that some provisions of the Act appear to be contradiction with those fundamental rights, which are themselves guaranteed by Nigeria,s 1999 Constitution, and to be inconsistent with the legal obligations enshrined in a number of international agreements to which Nigeria is a party”.

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