Don’t sell PDP to an individual, PDP Reform Group warns

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Ahead of Saturday’s convention of the the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), a concerned group in the Party has tasked its elders and members to remember the founding ideals of the PDP and do everything to stop the ‘wholesale procurement of the party by an individual.”

The PDP reform group which has been consistent in calling the party to order, warned that: “the privatisation of the PDP will erode the confidence of Nigerians in the party and bring it to further public ridicule and shame.”

In a statement signed by its Co-Convener, Ariyo-DareAtoye, the body said:

“What had gradually unfolded in the party as a bad dream and a bad joke, has become a cog in the wheel of our journey, as one individual and his squad are making desperate moves to compromise the party members and buy the party over for a particular candidate.

“We are urging our delegates and all party faithful to remember the founding ideals of the PDP and do everything possible to stop the wholesale procurement of the party by an individual

“The founding ideals of the party at inception is that the party will belong to the Nigerian people. We are therefore miffed by efforts being made by some individuals to buy the soul of the party.

“PDP belongs to us all and never again will we allow a small group of individuals to hijack this great institution.

“As young members of this great party, we are calling on our party elders, leaders, opinion moulders and members to rise up to the occasion and stop this clear and present danger.

“We are worried at the turn of events because it seems we have not learnt from our previous travails. High handedness, impunity and imposition of candidates led to our dismal outing in the 2015 general elections.

Unfortunately, this seems set to continue as the same set of people who dragged us through the Sheriff débâcle appear keen to repeat history; the sad part is that we may not survive it this time around.

We also want to quickly remind all and sundry of a specific recommendation made by the party’s strategy review and inter-party affairs committee which states inter alia that : “In view of the performance of the immediate past members of the National Working Committee, they should be exempted from seeking any position in the in-coming NWC.”

Sadly, this sagely advice seems to have fallen on deaf ears as the same people who were found culpable are still seeking to recycle themselves in party leadership.

We must of a truth question their motives and commitment to the party, as it is glaring that they are merely on a voyage of self aggrandisement and we must do everything humanly possible as a party to stop this political heist.

“The choices we make today, will make or mar our chances as we work toward the 2019 elections. Any complacency or failure to steer in the right direction will practically destroy our chances in 2019.

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