Crawford University evolves new curriculum for 21st Century needs

The Vice-Chancellor of Crawford University, Igbesa, Prof Reuben Kolo, on Tuesday said that the university had piloted a unique curriculum aimed at preparing its graduates for the 21st century challenges.

Prof. Kolo while interacting with journalists  ahead of the 12th Convocation of the university owned by the Apostolic Faith Mission, West and Central Africa, (WECA).

Prof. Kolo said the world currently faced with new challenges required the university system to re-direct its curriculum to solving its immediate challenges.

“The world is now faced with such bewildering advances in sciences and technology characterised by 5G Network, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Vehicle, Alternative Energy Revolution and so on.

“Our national institutions of higher learning have few options other than to prepare our young people to fit into this brave new world, which is presenting challenges and opportunities.

“We are doing this preparation by upgrading our curricular across all programmes to reflect the latest issues, problems and challenges these young people will most likely meet in their professional lives.

“All our students, irrespective of their academic programmes will henceforth undergo compulsory exposure to the ICT, which places their foot on the rungs of ICT-competence,’’ he said.

Prof Kolo said that the new curriculum would also help to build the scholars on the new world order and help to measure them effectively to function as impactful citizens.

“Henceforth, our scholars will be referred to as millennial citizens of the present cyber world.

“Since we are not blind to the realities of our national life, as our society battles with dwindling job stocks and unemployment. Crawford University empowers its graduates with job-creating skills as entrepreneurs.

“This we do through a systematised Entrepreneurship Curriculum aimed at stimulating Entrepreneurial Thinking in the students such that beyond their academic degrees and any vocational skills acquired, through their entrepreneurial training.

“They will be able to accurately discern the communal need of whichever community they may find themselves and fill the niche at a sustainable profit,’’ he said.

Prof. Kolo said that the desire of the university was to be recognised as a significant factor in the creation of entrepreneurs among the “Generation Next.’’

“Students in Crawford University are introduced to the study of Entrepreneurship in 200 Level, where they are trained on the processes of starting up their own businesses.

“This includes the formal business registration, raising finance for the business, growing the business and ensuring that the business thrives.

“Some of the vocations in which we acquaint our students are Soap, Detergents and Household Chemical-Making, Ankara Fashion Materials Fabrication, Photography, Event Planning and Decoration, Fashion Designing and so on,’’ he said.

He added “In response to the present trend, the University is looking into developing capacities in the training of students in Mechatronics, that is, technical knowledge in the modern day automotive, Gadgetries, which deals with the building.

“We also have those trained for the maintenance of all ICT Electronics including computers and its peripherals, GSM gadgets and its accessories.

“Also, we are interested in acquainting them in the new Alternative Energy industry encompassing Solar Panels fabrication, Inverter technology and the wind energy conversion.

“We are desirous of making our students part of this brave new world of Knowledge Economy, Green Energy and ICT,’’ he said.

Prof Kolo said that the convocation ceremony to be held on Dec. 9 would have its convocation lecture delivered by the Dr Layiwola Fatona, with the title: Entrepreneurship: Impact on Youth and National Development in Nigeria.’’ (NAN)

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