Constitution Amendment: Analyst Advocates Independent Candidacy

Sunny Anyanwu

A Political Analyst, Mr Sunny Anyanwu has advocated the inclusion of independent candidacy in the ongoing constitution amendment before the National Assembly.

Mr. Anyanwu stated this in a chat with  the in Abuja. He stressed that independent candidacy if implemented in the nation’s electoral acts would go a long way in enabling competent and reliable candidates to via for electoral positions.

“There’s need for us to have Independent candidacy enshrined in our constitution and the electoral acts because of the inner democracy among the political parties but now it not there” Mr. Anyanwu stated.

Mr. Anyanwu noted that Independent candidacy will help check God father son, high cost purchase of nomination forms among others.

He added that without political God fatherism an independent candidate can win .

According to him, an independent candidate will not be bothered about the position but the welfare, development and growth of the country at large.

He explained that in Nigerian politics the Godfathers” don’t usually run for office themselves, they are the ones who decide the winners and losers.

“They are political sponsors, who use and influence to win support for their preferred candidates adding that their “godsons”, it is believed, are not always selected for their political acumen, but rather on their ability to repay and enrich their godfather” Mr. Anyanwu emphasized.

Mr. Anyanwu further added that the Independent candidacy would encourage more women and youths participation in Politics and governance.

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