Buharism, Plagiarism & Satanism, By Dare Lasisi

President Buhari's portrait
President Muhammadu Buhari, under fire over Plagiarism

Buharism is not on the same ideological pedestal like globally accepted school of thoughts such as Leninism, Marxism, Gandhism, Stalinism, Zikism or even Awoism.

Buharism is a Nigerian political concept controversially anchored on the ‘assumed’ puritanistic ideology of one single man : General Muhammadu Buhari.

Who are the Buharists? Who are followers and disciples of Buhari?Who are Agents of Change in Nigeria? Who are corrupt-free species of Homo Sapiens imported from the outer space?

Buharism as a school of political thought in Nigeria is a template for transparency, probity and sincerity of purpose.

It’s an anathema (if not an unpardonable crime against humanity) for any Buharist to be a glorified plagiarist because plagiarism is defined as the theft of intellectual property without due acknowledgement.

This is an inverted veiled form of corruption which is hypothetically anti-thesis to Buharism.

Plagiarists like rapists lack compassion for their victims because they are pathologically vicious,larcenous and treacherous.

The spiritual leader of Buharism must never be blamed for this ‘unconscious insertion’ into that Obamaic speech but his bunch of ‘over-paid’ intellectually-deficit pseudo-speech-writers must carry this burden of opprobrium like an albatross for the rest of their careers.

Buharist speech-writers are now at Liberty to blame Satanism for this regrettable human error.

After All, ‘Devil is forever a liar’ in the hearts of many religious Nigerians.

I am not here to display as an expert in Queen’s language but you just cannot fault my intellectualism.I rest my case for now.

Mr. Dare Lasisi, writes from United Kingdom, can be reached at: [email protected]

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