Buhari: Fayose lacks common decency, respect for elders – Oyegun

John Odigie-Oyegun
APC chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun, slams Fayose

Ekiti state Governor Ayodele Fayose has taken leave of common decency and respect for elders, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, John Odigie-Oyegun has said.

Mr Oyegunle said this on Thursday, while fielding questions from reporters on Fayose’s frequent negative comments on President Buhari’s state of health.

The APC chairman expressed delight that two PDP governors were part of the last delegation of the Governors’ Forum that visited the President in London.
On allegations made by Governor Fayose, Oyegun responded this way:

“Believe me, I hate to comment on anything the Governor of Ekiti State says because when people have taken leave of common decency, our basic cultural upbringing.

“When people cease to have respect for elders and cease to have respect for the fact that an elder statesman who is also President of this nation is going through a health challenge and seek to make fun of it, and seek to say things that are so totally unbecoming, it is really not worth commenting on.

“But I am glad that as at yesterday (Wednesday) even Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors went there and thank God nice sober people, they were very excited at the pace of recovery of Mr. President.

“I hope that finally, even for the most hardened of political adversaries that common sense and common decency will finally prevail.

“I can confirm that Mr. President is convalescing very strongly. Right now, all he is doing is having as much rest as he can to build up his energy, to build up his stamina. But the worst is certainly over.

“Mr. President is going to come back and he is going to face the responsibilities for which the people of this country have elected him. I am glad to say he is recovering beautifully.

On when Buhari is likely to return to the country, Oyegun said, “Only Mr. President can speak to that. But I am glad he is having a lot of rest. And I wish it was possible to say take a longer time getting truly ready but he is beautifully making progress with his recovery.

“We discussed issues with him, but basically it was a courtesy call. People who are genuinely concerned, who want to see him, who want to chat with him. We had quite a good chat, quite a good meal. As you could see he is still his old jovial self.

” He had so many questions about events back home, just wanting ofcourse to get our own perspective of things which we did. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit and I came away very happy.”

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