Alleged Assembly invasion: DSS queried us on lies, says released lawmaker

Hon Afolabi Akanni on arrival in Ado-Ekiti
Hon Afolabi Akanni on arrival in Ado-Ekiti

Released Ekiti lawmaker, Hon. Afolabi Akanni ,who was arrested by men of the Directorate of State Services (DSS) during the alleged invasion and arrest of some lawmakers at the Assembly Complex in Ado-Ekiti , State Capital, arrived in the state yesterday and was greeted with fanfare by a crowd of Ekiti people.
Akanni, who promised that his incarceration would further reinforce his loyalty to Governor Ayodele Fayose and described the governor as a reliable leader, said his arrest was not forceful but also illegal.

The lawmaker representing Efon constituency, was arrested on March 4 by DSS and had since been detained in Abuja until he was released on Tuesday after spending 18 days in the custody.
A drama had recently played out when it was rumoured that he had died in detention. The DSS had debunked his alleged death by bringing him on air and explained that he was detained based on some security breaches he allegedly committed.
Another arrested state official and ex-special assistant on revenue to the governor, Mr Ropo Ogunjobi, was also in the state with Fayose.

Governor Fayose, who came in company of the two ex-detainees aboard a chopper marked 5N-BRL at about 3.38pm and landed at Christ’s School playing ground in state capital, where they were welcomed by mammoth crowd, comprising members of the House of assembly, led by the speaker, Hon Kola Oluwawole.

Akanni who gave knocks on the DSS for his detention, said: “What manner of democracy are we practising? How can DSS invade a House of Assembly and arrest a lawmaker with intention to impeach a
Governor? They even came without a warrant of arrest. Is this democracy?

“Is it an offence to be loyal or honest to a governor? Fayose is our leader and I can’t betray him. Ekiti people must stand behind him. Mr Governor, I am assuring you that I will always stand by you”, he

Also, Ogunjobi revealed that the DSS during interrogation accused him of laundering a sum of N22 billion being amount paid on federal roads to Ekiti by the federal government into Fayose’s accounts, which he described as a blatant lie.

“They even said I helped Fayose to launder another N1.3 billion out of the N2.5 billion ecological fund released to the state. I said all these were lies. I can’t lie against Mr Governor”.

Fayose regretted how past military dictators were endangering Nigerian democracy, urging Nigerians not to vote for them into any sensitive position to preserve Nigerian democratic values.

He said: “President Muhammadu Buhari and Olusegun Obasanjo are not democrats.
They have no respect for the constitution and the rule of law. But no matter what they do, we won’t succumb to intimidation.

“Today, I am excited, because we have won the battle again. They took Hon Akanni to Abuja as a captive, but he is back now as a hero, shame to DSS, shame onto our oppressors.

“Our economy is bad , people are losing their jobs on daily basis, but what the APC knows how to do best is to lie to the people. They have no answer to this bad economic situation. When PDP was in government, a dollar was N200, but today, it is almost N400, shame to them.

“We thank God that we have a house of assembly that refused to join forces with them to remove the governor. That was why I told them that they had engaged a wrong customer. They should forget about impeachment, because this is not 2006.

“President Muhammadu Buhari should face Nigerian financial problems. Though they cannot perform because they took Nigerians votes by tricks”, Fayose said.

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