Nigeria, Spain partner on African music

The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) said on Tuesday in Abuja that it was partnering with Spain on the internationalisation of African Music.

Director-General of the NTDC, Chief Folorunsho Coker, told a news conference that the partnership to known as the Nigerian Tourism Development Authority (NTDA) and the Spanish Public Diplomacy Institution Casa África.

Its main goal is to open up platforms and communication pathways between African artistes and Spanish cultural agents.

He noted that tourism was now a business and the synergy between both countries marked the beginning of the social and cultural relationships between Nigeria and Spain through music.

“This collaboration entails the uploading of Nigerian music of all genres unto a platform for scrutiny by Spanish producers.

“From the platform, 12 artistes will be picked to perform between March 23 and March 25 in Lagos at the Nigeria-Spain music where for the best two artistes will emerge.

“The two artistes that emerge will have the opportunity to attend the Spanish festival in Spain.

“This is an opportunity for two of the winner artistes or bands to participate and gain global recognition in Spain which will in turn open the doors to the potential of creative art in Nigeria.

“It is also an opportunity of creating a platform to invest in Nigeria’s creative art since Nigeria is the creative hub, in Africa.

“This will add to Nigeria’s GDP,’’ he said.

Earlier, the Spanish ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Juan Sell, said the Project 2023 would bring to Nigeria relevant music producers from Spain for a three-day music festival in Lagos.

He said the project would give young Nigerians the opportunity to showcase their talents in music as well as gain recognition on the international scene.

“A delegation of Spanish producers will come to Nigeria to choose two out of a selection of 12 groups in a three-day concert in Lagos to perform in Spain at the Spring-Summer 2023 music festivals.

“After the Lagos festival contest, the two artistes or bands will be selected to perform in Spain.

“The two winner bands or artistes will travel to Spain in July to perform in a dozen festivals during the period of their one-month stay in Spain,’’ the envoy said.

Interested artistes are advised to upload their music to [email protected] and [email protected] (NAN)

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