3 smart ways to make money through your website


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By Rita Ohaedoghasi                  If you’re looking for creative ways to generate revenue for your business through a website, activating online adverts is the way to go!

In addition to making a few extra bucks on the side, ads increase the visibility and integrity of your brand on the internet.

To give your website the competitive advantage it deserves, Jovago.com, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal reveals ways to target a niche market and make money from the traffic your site generates.

1. Publicize an affiliate service or product on your webpage

One of the quickest ways to get online advertising is by taking part in another company’s affiliate. Although affiliate links are not organic ads, they give you the opportunity to make some income from promoting other people’s product earning a commission every time those you have referred make a purchase.

Before you undertake this project, do a thorough research on the authenticity of the product you are selling after which then publish an article about the brand or post a banner which links to the affiliate weblink to your site, like this one here.
2. Try direct advertising with Google AdSense

There are quite a few search engines offering advert program but Google’s AdSense tops the list as the most used globally.

This program enables you make some cash online by placing targeted ads created by Google on your pages. They appear in rectangular boxes at the top, side or across the bottom of a web page and as a publisher you earn income each time a visitor clicks on each of the banners.

Although Adsense does not work for all websites, it’s free to join, easy to use and once you start getting a lot of traffic, it can be a healthy source of income for you.

3. Use a blog-specific ad program

If you operate a blog, featuring blog-specific ads is the way to go. The secret with this is to showcase only ads your target audience thinks is valuable.

Create a simple link for advertisers to reach you if they have inquiries about rates or booking procedures – short message saying “To advertise on this blog, click here!” This way, you can be accessible anytime.

Be careful with the number of ads you put on each page though as having banners positioned all over the page can give it a cluttered look which your audience may find off-putting.

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