$1m story: Ex-CDS Challenges EFCC to tender proofs

Alex Badeh
Alex Badeh

There might not have been any One Million American Dollars found in cash at the residence of embattled former Chief of Defence staff, Air Chief Marshall Alex Badeh, as was being alleged by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, following revelations that the whole story was part of a grand plot being hatched against the Adamawa born General.

Domestic staff of the former CDS said that, no money was ever picked from Alex Badeh’s house at any point in time by the EFCC, but they were aware that there have been attempts to plant some objects, including money around him by unknown persons, ostensibly to implicate him.

Badeh has himself repeatedly denied the report linking him with a so called $1m cash allegedly found in his residence, stressing that he did not have any such money and could not have kept what he did not have for the EFCC to pick.

He was reported as disowning the Alleged $1m, challenging the EFCC to provide proofs linking him with the money, even as he alleged that he was being framed up in a seeming vendetta war against him be unnamed forces.

Investigations reveal that, when nothing incriminating was found around Alex Badeh’s tenure as Chief of Defence Staff, the anti graft agency had to go back to his tenure as Chief of Air Staff, using one of his former aides to bring up issues, in order to save itself from embarrassment in the face of the media trials to which they have already subjected him.

According to his staff, Badeh   could not have kept such a colossal amount of money in cash in his residence, when he had all the opportunity to move it somewhere else; if it ever existed, moreover, he does not have $1m Dollars to keep for anybody to find, having been surviving on charity, following the blockage of all his access to funds.

Our correspondent gathered that, following futile attempts to crack Badeh into owning up to some allegations, the One Million American Dollars story was hatched as plot establish facts with which the EFCC can garnish its case, and create an excuse to rearrest the former CDS for other sundry offences shortly after he meets his bail conditions.

Sources said, having discovered that the allegations for which he was detained for more than one month before being charged to court were flimsy, as they were all based on his tenure as Chief of Air Staff, and not the celebrated arms scandal, allegedly committed when he was Chief of Defence Staff,  the EFCC may have hatched the $1m story so as to kept the Badeh matter alive.

Badeh’s attorneys have argued that, there has been no official reaction from the EFCC since the speculations gained currency in the media to the effect that the sum of $1m was picked up by its men from the residence of Alex Badeh, rather, syndicated fresh angles were being added to the report to embellish it as an issue in the media.

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