Your 2019 Conference theme very paramount to us, NLNG tells GOCOP

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It is my honour to join you at the 2019 Conference of the Guild of Corporate Online Publishers.
I thank you for your warm welcome and for the constant support you offer Nigeria LNG Limited. We value your partnership with in communicating our messages to our various stakeholders. Thank you once again.
The theme for this conference: “, Security and National Development: The Way Forward,” is most relevant at this time considering the prevailing socio-economic issues in Nigeria. I commend you for bringing various thought leaders together to discuss how to use your vantage position to address a theme that is very paramount to all of irrespective of industries and sectors.  
Nigeria LNG Limited as a critical player in Nigeria’s appreciates this theme. This year, 2019, is very remarkable one for as a company as we mark 30 years of our incorporation as a business entity and 20 years of safe and reliable operations. Over the last 30 years, we have observed various obstacles to the , security and development of Nigeria. Some of these have challenged us as a company operating within the country. Nevertheless, we are proud to have been able to navigate through all the complexities to remain a Nigerian success story and a model for other organisations.
But the tough truth is that the same cannot be said of most other companies doing business in Nigeria. The challenges of National development are real and detrimental to many businesses, families and individuals in Nigeria. The good news is that we can find solutions to these problems if we ponder, rub minds, outline collective goals and work together as a nation. We believe, this is what this conference is all about. Today, building blocks can be erected to create strong pillars for a safe, strong, innovative, productive and leading country. 
For us, as Nigeria turns 59 and as Nigeria LNG turns 30 this year, there could not have been a better time than now for a conference like this. I congratulate all the members of the Guild of Corporate Online Publishers for putting this conference together and for being an important association working towards ensuring Nigeria realizes her full potential. I urge you to sustain this conference as an annual event for the benefit of us all. I wish you success. 
Thank you.

. Being the Goodwill Remarks by the Manager, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Nigeria LNG Limited, Sophia Horsfall, at the Guild of Corporate Online Publishers’ Conference at Sheraton , Lagos on October 4, 2019.

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