Versatile photojournalist, Ayodele Ojo, holds exhibition in Lagos



Versatile photojournalist, painter, writer and Public Relations expert, Ayodele Ojo, will from March 13 till the end of the month put some select collections of his photographs on display at an exhibition taking place in Lagos.

Billed for Neo Cafe at Agoro Odiyan, off Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos State, the theme of the exhibition, according to Ojo is: “Dreams from my Roots.”

Ojo, who has worked in Punch and Daily Independent newspapers, where he rose to become the Photo Editor, is an award winning photojournalist.

He said of the exhibition: “Dreams from my Roots is a collection of varied architectural photographs across time and cultures, taken across the South Western Region of Nigeria.

“Each of the works has been a journey to rediscover myself while engaging with the viewers through sometimes torturous and arduours road less travelled. It has also led me to review images carried over from my youth in a nostalgic vision, interestingly new research has led me to discovering new vista, having grown up in a rural and rustic settings of Ekiti mountainous region of Nigeria.

“Dreams from my Roots is a transitory journey that tries to see through the history of occupied spaces, a culture of a people that welcomes emerging trend with little or no attention to her past.

“The project questions the role of architecture in family values; not to be pushed aside are issues of integrity, in terms of workmanship, safety and corruption in the building up of spaces in creating bigger cities, urban and rural migration problem.

“The quality of workmanship has dropped to its lowest ebb, while we commoditize architecture. Man has lost the essence of built up spaces, living in beautiful self-imposed prisons has taken over, the agony of lost voices in the cacophonic silence of yawning lack of liveable houses in a new age reverberates loudly.

“My works ask more questions than answers, even as we loose touch with our communal life and living. Through my photographs, I have tried to create a link between the past and the future, leaving a legacy for generations yet unborn.”

Born August 26, 1964 in Iyin-Ekiti, in the present Ekiti State, Ojo attended the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, where he graduated in 1989 with B.A. in Fine Arts (Sculpture) and obtained his Masters in Fine Arts from the same institution in 1995.

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