Terrorism: Group Calls on UN to Investigate Alleged Use of Chemicals in Benue

UN Scribe- Ki-Moon

A group, Global Agenda has called on the United Nations to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Fulani herdsmen during an attack on the people of , north-central Nigeria.

Governor Gabriel Suswam, whose convoy was recently attacked by the Fulani herdsmen, had alleged use of chemicals.



Piqued by this, Global Agenda in a statement by its Convener, Ariyo Dare-Atoye, opined that the UN should dispatch experts to Nigeria to investigate theallegation.

The statement reads in part, “We are urging the United Nations to quickly dispatch a team of expert to Nigeria to visit the scene of the attack and conduct a thorough investigation into the incident. This should be done with immediate effect so that the world can act if proven to be true.
“There is zero tolerance on the use of chemical weapons under any guise by the International Communities. This incident is weighty enough to alarm the whole world to act quickly. There were genuine concerns during the fall of Muamma Gadaffi that weapons looted from Libya could find it way as far as Nigeria. It was not hidden that Gadaffi was suspected of having a stockpile of undeclared chemical weapons.
“The consequence of chemical weapons in the hands of herdsmen or insurgents will be catastrophic for all Nigerians and West Africa. This is one group that is connected to all parts of Nigeria and neighbouring countries; therefore nobody is safe if this claim is established. All Nigerians must rise up on this matter to ensure we get to its roots
“As a group meant to advance the interest of State, we are not unmindful of the fact that the peace of Nigeria is the peace of State. We are also cognizance of the fact that sons and daughters are everywhere in Nigeria, from Benue to Katsina, in Maiduguri, Yobe and all over the world. We cannot advance the interest of our State in isolation.
“We are also urging our security forces prosecuting the war against to consider this new lead in their investigation of arrested terrorists. The insurgents if in possession of such weapon may be reserving for the last.
“No stone should be left unturned to unravel this latest development in . An injury to one is an injury to all. We are all casualties, directly and indirectly”.



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