Tanzania president tells citizens to pray to ‘overcome’ COVID-19

President John Magufuli

President John Magufuli on Friday called on Tanzanians to pray and fast to “overcome” the .

“We should turn ourselves to God and he will save us.

“We will not lock down the country now, because I believe that if we submit ourselves to God, this also will .. pass,” Magufuli said live on television, adding that “God is testing us.”

Magufuli’s handling of the has been widely criticised.

Earlier this month, Magufuli warned against , saying they will help spread the virus.

The increasingly autocratic president has introduced hardly any restrictions since the outbreak of the virus, while repeatedly downplaying its danger and questioning the credibility of COVID-19 testing.

has not published any official COVID-19 statistics since the beginning of May. (dpa/)

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