SWAN Carpets Alim, Blessing For Lying About State Of Facilities in FCT

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The FCT chapter of the Writers Association of has taken a swipe at the Director , Mohammed  Alim Musa and the Secretary of Social Development, Blessing Onuh, daughter of the President, for deliberately trying to mislead residents of FCT about the true state of Facilities in the territory.

While trying to outline their achievements in the territory, the duo at a press briefing with the FCT Press Corps last week stated that they have built several sporting facilities in all the area councils.

SWAN declared that both the Secretary of Social Development and the Director of would have to do more than enough to deceive the residents in their effort to exonerate themselves as it is well known to all that sporting facilities in the Federal Capital Territory is nothing to write home about.

The two sports administrators may also wish to know that SWAN has personally carried out a survey of the state of facilities in all the area councils and the result clearly shows that we are not just making empty noise.

SWAN wonders how the FCT administrators who have not deemed it necessary to develop the sports centre at Area 10 popularly known as the ‘Old Parade ground’ and which is even located in the main city of Abuja would have time to do any meaningful development in the Area councils.

It is also important to note that apart from the total decay in the sporting facilities and the unholy treatment meted against the FCT Queen players,  organisation of sporting event is at its lowest ebb.

Most pathetic is the fact that most of the once celebrated sporting events in the territory have seized to exist since the coming of the current director of Sports and the Secretary of Social development.

A case in point is the mini sports festival which was used to select Athletes for the Territory for the has been faced out. FCT used to be a beehive of activities and youths were well engaged but all that is gone a situation that has led to most of the  young boys taken to crime and the ladies going into  prostitution.

SWAN therefore, advises the two sports administrators to now shift attention to their next assignment in the territory as they have proven us right that they do not have any plan to redress the situation since they have resorted to deceiving the residents rather than seek for ways to solving the problems.

According to FCT SWAN Secretary, Martin Odiete, “There is no gain saying, the fact that these two administrators have grounded sports in the territory”.




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