Surrender yourself for prosecution, Group tells Saraki

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The embattled president Bukola Saraki has been urged to desist from disgracing the institution of the and its leadership by surrendering himself for prosecution by the code of conduct tribunal in order to proof his innocence or otherwise in the allegations levied against him.
The appeal was handed down on Sunday by the Centre for Ethics, Development and Democracy (CEDAD) in a press release by its secretary, Gbenga Soloki, stating that the president as the number 3 person in the country should be matured enough to know that establishing his innocence through diligent prosecution remains the only way out of this mess that he has thrown the hallowed chamber into.
The group maintained that rather than engaging in seeking legal protection from prosecution is tantamount to waste of time, resource and abuse of his exalted office.
According to CEDAD “the senate president should know that the that he represents is being dragged in the mud by the allegations on him and his refusal to establish his innocence. Rather, he is seeking legal protection from prosecution. But we are of the firm belief that only diligent and proper prosecution of the embattled number 3 person can allay the fears of Nigerians.
“Dr Saraki should as a matter of urgency surrender himself to the code of conduct for prosecution to establish his innocence. He cannot continue to function in his official capacity when he has such weighty allegations against him; he has a moral burden on him, which he must discharge as soon as he can. Mr. Senate president should know that Nigeria is bigger than an individual no matter how highly placed. ”
Finally, the group posited that the allegations should be thoroughly looked into and decision taken on time so as not to impede or slow down the official work of the senate president.

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