Eagles: Supporters Club President, Oladipo Sues for Peace in Cameroon

Dr. Rafiu Ladipo

By Harry Awurumibe, Editor, Abuja Bureau

Aware of the damage singing in discordant tunes by the splinter groups have done to the psychological state of minds of Super Eagles players during Nigeria matches, the President-General of Nigeria Football Supporters Club (NFSC), Dr. Rafiu Oladipo has called for closing of ranks in Cameroon.

He has also waved an olive branch to the warring factions to return to the fold in the interest of Nigeria and Super Eagles quest to win the 4th AFCON trophy in Cameroon, arguing that it will be a huge distraction for the players should different groups of supporters be singing discordant tunes during Super Eagles matches in Cameroon.

Dr. Oladipo who spoke exclusively to Prompt News Online on his way to Garoua, Cameroon on Monday to join his group already at AFCON 2021 assignment has said that the priority of every patriotic Nigerian home and abroad should be to unite in support of Super Eagles in Cameroon.

For the past five years, no fewer than five different Supporters groups have emerged with different names and led by persons who were former members of the Dr. Oladipo’s NFSC.

Aside the NFSC, there are Authentic Football Supporters Club, Nigeria Eagles Supporters Club, Super Eagles Supporters Club among others with each claiming to be the true representatives of Nigerian football fans.

Also, during Nigeria’s male and female football teams international matches these different Supporters Clubs always come to the stadiums singing in incongruous tunes to the displeasure of the national teams and fans.

Recently, Super Eagles Captain Ahmed Musa had to speak out against the disruptive activities of different football supporters groups who sing hateful songs against each other during Super Eagles or Super Falcons matches.

But Dr. Oladipo has said such acts will be inimical to the success of Super Eagles in Cameroon, pointing out that there is need for every group claiming to support Nigeria in Cameroon should operate under one umbrella.

According to the veteran leader of the 65 year-old NFSC, “there is no need for each group trying to outwit the other if truly the intention of such groups is to support the Super Eagles in Cameroon”.

Said he: “Nigeria is bigger than any individual’s interest or ambition hence I am calling for closing of ranks to show that we are one united group flying the flag of our great nation, Nigeria”.

Dr. Oladipo popularly called PG Worldwide insists that it will be disservice to the Super Eagles and Nigeria should different groups from one country singing in incongruous tunes during Super Eagles matches in Cameroon.

“It’s indisputable that NFSC under the Chairmanship of Reverend Samuel Ikpea and my humble self as the President General, Worldwide have made it clear that we are in Cameroon with our members to support the Super Eagles till they lift the AFCON trophy for the fourth time”, he stated.

Dr. Oladipo however said that the door is still wide open for all the renegade groups to come back to the fold in the interest of peace and good of football.

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