Stop taking alcohol or risk death – Physician warns hypertensive patients

A medical practitioner, Dr Kelvin Okwara, on Thursday in Awka, cautioned hypertensive patients against the consumption of beer to prevent liver damage and heart diseases.

Okwara, who works with Care Medical Centre, Awka, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that beer contains alcohol and heavy drinking could raise blood pressure.

He explained that high blood pressure was one of the leading causes of kidney failure, and cautioned hypertensive patients against taking alcohol.

According to him, high blood pressure forces the heart to work harder and it does not only damage the heart but also the blood vessels.

“Alcohol consumption is a cause of blood pressure elevation and hypertensive patients should desist from heavy drinking in the interest of their health.

“Hypertensive patients, who do not consume alcohol or who reduce its consumption are indirectly lowering their blood pressure to enable them live longer.

“Anybody who has high blood pressure should stop taking beer or risk death.

“The conservative belief that the consumption of alcohol had certain health benefits should no longer be encouraged,” he said.

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