Senate President wants more women in NASC

Senate President Ahmad Lawan

The President of the , on Friday advocated the inclusion of more women into the National Assembly Service Commission (NASC).

Lawan made the call at a retreat in for top National Assembly Management and members of the National Assembly Service Commission (NASC).

While frowning at the few numbers of women in the commission, Lawan said that more women should be given more positions to contribute their quota to the growth of the commission.

“I have noticed in this arrangement that there are only two women. Why? I think we should have more women.

“We should have more women in governance. I’m not saying we should appoint women who are not qualified but we should be a little bit affirmative as well,” he said.

On the number of legislative aides attached to lawmakers, Lawan said that the number was inadequate.

“Another aspect that gives the National Assembly a lot of headache is the inadequacy of support staff or legislative aides.

“Since 1999 to date, the highest number of legislative aides per senator is five and is the same thing for the .

“This does not help. It is inadequate and you have members of the National Assembly struggling to do almost everything by themselves that does not get the best out of .

“So we need to balance the environment,” Lawan said.

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