REC Mike Igini, First Among Equals, By Harry Awurumibe

Mike Igini, Resident Electoral Commissioner, Akwa Ibom

Behold, Nigeria’s fearless INEC REC!
Mr. Mike Igini, the fearless Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) in Akwa Ibom State has etched his name in gold and in the hearts of patriotic Nigerians no matter what agents of darkness may say of him.

Again and again, Mike Igini has spoken out against the evils in Nigeria’s Elections and Electoral Processes. He has fought alot of battles to clean up our election imperfections in his own little ways but the forces cannot allow him take the lead. I can not stop to admire this one Nigerian who is always on the side of truth.

Mike Igini has yet dropped another bombshell that no fewer than three university “dons” will soon be prosecuted for commiting various Electoral Frauds. Such infractions as falsifying election results, alterations and mutilation of result sheets.

As serious as these allegations are, I will be surprised if the prosecution will see the light of day while the beneficiaries of the fraudulent elections are still in power and incharge of state affairs. What, if the lecturers spill the beans?

But REC Mike Igini should not worry about the outcome of the prosecution of the Electoral Offenders as he is not the judiciary that will have the final say in the matter because some of some of us can predict the outcome of such flawed prosecution.

That Mike Igini revealed the impending prosecution of the indicted lecturers and sack of INEC staffers who soiled their hands in the past elections few days to the Edo State Governorship Election is instructive. I believe he is sounding a note of warning to election riggers, political tugs and manipulators hell bent on subverting the will of the Edo electorates.

However, Mike Igini has spoken as a great patriot and good civil servant who is upholding his oat of office but my fear is that his employers may not be happy with all the positive vibes around him. The rave reviews he is getting every day may be angering his detractors and they will stop at nothing to pull the rug under his feet.

If and when that happens, Mike Igini has already become a national icon in his own right because of the good work he has been doing even as one believes that if it were to be in normal climes, Mike Igini will be a preferred nominee for the post of next INEC Chairman.

I stand with REC Mike Igini. God bless Nigeria

Harry Awurumibe is Abuja-based Public Affairs Analyst

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