Presidential Aspirant Soyode, advocates strategic relationship with the Diaspora

As part of build up to the 2019 general elections in Nigeria, one of the leading Presidential aspirants, Mr. Ali Soyode (Alistair) has addressed UK’s House of Commons on his ambition to become the country’s number one citizen.
The event brought together leading Nigeria’s community leaders, British political leaders from Councillors to Members of the Parliament.
The aspirant presented his views on Africa as the continent of choice and Nigeria’s readiness to work with the British establishment especially in the areas of Health and security.
He called on the diaspora’s readiness to join the nation’s development and capacity building through strategic relationship that is beneficial to both parties.
Speaking at the event, Jeremy Lepfroy MP and a member of the Health committee called on African countries to deal with the rampaging issue of malaria and follow other countries’ commitments to totally eradicate the challenges associated with Malaria.
In his speech Mr. Soyode talked about the challenges and opportunities Nigeria offers the diaspora, international partners and his YEEEEEEES manifesto which is according to him below the Nigeria’s constitution which is the supreme and above anyone’s manifesto.
He stressed that the 2019 election need all eyes and hands on board to make it a success, freely and fairly conducted for the benefit of all electorates.
Ali, is the former CEO of BEN Television, Europe’s first ethnic media satellite and former Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation, had recently declared in Abuja joining the race to the presidency. Promising a total overhaul of the force especially the Police and zero tolerance to disobedience of laws of the country.
His declaration focused on YEEEEEE​E​S which is by been;
The bridge to a brighter future for the Youth and Young ones.
The bridge to a stronger and prosperous Economy.
The bridge to real reforms and access to Education.
The bridge to wealth creation and Employment
The bridge to more power, lights and Energy
The bridge that will unleash skills, affordable health care, agriculture etc. through Enterprise
The bridge between young ones in solidarity of making Nigeria better and greater with the Elders
A bridge based on Expertise, Experience and Equality &
The bridge to reform, empower and effective secure Security.
This is the bridge to a better and greater nation. YEEEEEEES
Also speaking at the event, Jim Shannon MP Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Health and Human Rights) and representing Strangford, Ireland in the House of Commons since 2010 spoke on the need for government across Africa to provide security for their citizens to practice their faiths freely without intimidation or attacks. He called on the provision of effective security ​on lives and properties.
Mr. Soyode believe his background born in Katsina to parent from both the North and South of Nigeria makes him the ideal bridge to unites the country, has what it takes as a credible Nigerian, well-travelled, focus on national structuring, building the Nigerian brand across the world for decades, mentoring thousands of Nigerians both home and in the diaspora, creating and building entrepreneurs along the way, prudence in managing resources and a seasoned leader with experience gained across Nigeria, Africa and the diaspora.
He is a founding member of the leading movements in the country. He made it possible for the Diaspora’s inclusion in the National Conference 2014 and used as an Icon for Nigeria at 50th anniversary by CNN.

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