Police carry out nationwide searches in homes of Italians opposed to vaccination

Italian police have carried out a nationwide series of searches on a network of anti-vaxxers whom they suspected of planning violent acts.

Anti-vaxxers are people who are opposed to vaccination, and who do not wish to vaccinate their children.

Police officers and a unit of special investigators seized evidence at suspects’ homes, including on their computers, the police announced on Thursday morning.

Anti-vaxxers and COVID-sceptics were known in Italy as No Vax, and had formed multiple groups on Telegram, the police said.

The police suspected the groups were planning to carry out violent acts at public demonstrations.

Properties were searched in Rome, Milan, Bergamo, Reggio Emilia, Venice, and Padua.

Opponents of Italy’s Coronavirus rules had repeatedly demonstrated against them in various cities in recent weeks.

Most recently, the No Vax organisers called on its members to block access to railway stations all over the country in protest against the introduction of new rules for rail passengers.

However, in the end, very few demonstrators materialised.

Passengers must now show proof of vaccination, recovery, or a negative test in order to use long-distance rail services. (dpa/NAN)

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