Police arrest 2 couriers with 108 kg crystal meth

have arrested two couriers for delivery of 108 kg crystal methamphetamine controlled by two prisoners from a jail in western Indonesia’s Riau province.

Riau chief Inspector-General, Agung Setya Imam Effendi said on Wednesday.

The couriers are brothers identified as BO and BY, while the two prisoners are known with their initials as RO and RI.

“The crystal methamphetamine was sent from Malaysia and would be distributed to Pekanbaru City,’’ Effendi disclosed.

The earlier arrested BO and BY who were loading crystal methamphetamine into a car on

Pause street, Pekanbaru City, and confiscated evidence of 38 drug packs in two large plastic sacks.

Police also seized other evidence of 48 packs of crystal methamphetamine in two large sacks in an palm plantation in Bengkalis district, about 180 km from Riau’s capital of Pekanbaru.

This is the second time that BO had become a courier for the delivery of crystal methamphetamine, Effendi added.

Both of them also admitted that they plotted to send crystal methamphetamine on orders of RI and RO from jail.

Allegedly violating the law on narcotics, they are facing imprisonment of five to 20 years or death penalty. (Xinhua/NAN)

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