Petrocam Unveils Another Retail Fuel, Gas Station at Sango-Ota Toll Gate

Petrocam gas station

Petrocam (Trading) Nigeria is commissioning yet another Ultra modern fuel and gas station today, the 15th day of October 2021, at the Sango-Ota toll gate, which by all standards is considered a state-of-the-art facility!

This is in line with the company’s goals of expanding its value chain and optimizing its customer base.
Speaking with the CEO/Managing Director of Petrocam (Trading) Nigeria, owners of Petrocam Fuel and Gas station chains nationwide at his modest but tastefully furnished office on Victoria Island, Prince Patrick Ilo stated that the company strongly believes that Petrocam can compete with the best in the world. He explained further that ”This is a point that has been amply demonstrated by Petrocam history as an oil and gas business entity.

He made it abundantly clear that, as they are commissioning this very one at Sango-Ota toll gate today, construction works are on going in about 10 other sites across the country, having commissioned about 6 stations in the last 6 months, 3 in Ibadan, 1 at Ajilete, 1 at Igbesa and another 1 at Lusada.

Petrocam, according to him and some of those who are close to this organization, has in no small measure contributed and still contributing to the creation of employment for Nigerians and also contributing to Nigeria’s economic growth

Mr Ilo promised to continue to expand Petrocam value chain. He said the company will not lose focus of customer service and will consistently give the customers values they desire.

The new outlet being commissioned today at Sango-Ota toll gate features the typical Petrocam image and offers innovations such as a state-of-the-art pumping machine, 1st class Gennex technology solar lighting, a mini mart, auto mobile workshop and allied services, a gas station and of course adequate security.

As explained by Prince Patrick Ilo, the station has been designed to provide greater comfort and safety for Petrocam customers; it features beautiful and magnificent shelter, a convenience store, automobile workshop, car washing area, a convenient waiting area, parking area for cars, busses and even trucks. As well as appropriate toilets and bathroom facilities.

“Today we would like to reaffirm Petrocam commitment to serve our customers better and to give them value for their money.

Our vision is to continue to make a difference and maintain our position as leaders in the country’s fuel, oil and gas market,” said Prince Patrick Ilo.

Congratulations to Prince Patrick Ilo and the entire Petrocam team.
It’s just the beginning, watch out for more!

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