PDM Prides Self Most Successful Nigeria’s Political Force

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The Deputy National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), Bode Ajewole, has described the nascent political party in the country as “the greatest and most successful political family force in Nigeria; dating back to 1987 and giving birth to many parties and successful politicians.”

Ajewole, a former House of Representative member and stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Movement, the pressure group founded by the late Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, also debunked insinuations and denials that PDM was never supposed to be registered as a political party. “Some people are just being economical with the truth”, he said adding that: “twice in the past, under the military regimes of IBB and Abacha, we struggled to register the PDM as a political party but we were denied the chance. This time around, in a civilian setting, we got it right and all welcome its birth.”

Speaking at the PDM Headquarters in Maitama Abuja today, the seasoned politician from Ekiti State, lamented the roles of those who do not want the young party to survive. “History can bear us witness that PDM had in it great politicians like the late Senate president Dr Chuba Okadigbo,  Asiwaju  Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Lai Mohammed, Atiku Abubakar and a host of others who are now members of different political parties.  PDM, as a political party, is therefore not an abomination. But we are always ready to reconcile with all our brothers and sisters in the Movement. Already, plans are in the offing to travel far and wide for further consultations and reconciliation.”

Ajewole was also quick to add that:”our party is head and shoulder taller than others in terms of democratic equity, unity, development and the pursuance of good governance. We shall do well in 2015 polls.”  Meanwhile PDM, he said, will never allow any member to hoard its registration cards or deny eligible members from furthering their political ambition. The party will soon commence the registration of prospective members both online and manually, home and abroad.



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