ONSA allays fears of security threat at airports

MMA2 Airport, Lagos

Office of the National Adviser (ONSA), has allayed fears of threat at the nation’s airports as reported through an internal government correspondence.

In a statement on Thursday in , ONSA said the correspondence was a routine threat assessment to ensure preparedness of agencies and not meant for public dissemination.

It explained that in the period covered by the correspondence, threat analysis identified the need to advise airports’ managements nationwide to upgrade existing measures around the nation’s airports.

“Regrettably, the unauthorised release of this advisory is likely to raise fear among users home and abroad.

“Accordingly, this statement is issued to reassure the public and all aviation stakeholders of the safety of our airports.

“The and intelligence services will continue to monitor threats and provide the assessment and timely advise required by airports’ managements to continuously upgrade measures in the airports,” it said. ()

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