Ogun Young Intellectuals want ‘Change Begins With Me’ Campaign domesticated in schools



Young intellectuals in Ogun state have urged the federal government to introduce the ‘Change Begins with me’ campaign in primary, secondary and tertairy schools so as to inculcate a positive attitude among young Nigerians.

This was the submission of past and present leaders of Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education students associations that gathered at the Federal College of Education, Abeokuta to deliberate on the “Change Begins With Me Campaign” recently lunched by President Muhammed Buhari.

The campaign is a deliberate attempt by the President Buhari’s administration to change the negative perception and mindset about Nigerians.

Participants at the event all agreed that the ‘change begins with me’ campaign is a well thought out campaign and should be begin with the youths who are the future of the country.

All speakers agreed that until Nigerians change themselves, the country cannot make progress.

One of the Speakers who spoke on behalf of the Muslim Students society of Nigeria, Abdulateef Ganiyu, quoting from the Quran maintained that the current situation of the country, requires deep reflection and clear understanding of the tenets of the various religion on good citizenship.

Quoting from the holy Quran, he said, “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition ofbthe people, until they change what is in themselves”

Speaking at the event, Ogun State Chairman of the Senior Staff Union in Colleges of Education, Dr. Iyasere Emmanuel Doyin, called on all students irrespective of level or institution to embrace change of attitude in all their actions.

According to him, the older generation of Nigerians have particularly inflicted on their younger generation a negative and low moral value which has continued to result to the degrading quality of leadership in the country.

He recalled how as a student union leader in his hey days at the University, they could force government to do the right thing, whereas students union leaders today have become stooges of political warlords and social media activists who on daily basis denigrate the image of their own country.

He said the future belongs to the youths and urged them to embrace the campaign so as to build a Nigeria of their dream.

Students union leaders present at the event pleaded with young Nigerians to embrace skills acquisitions and become self empowered, rather than waiting for government to do everything for them.

One student union leader, Ayo Samuel said, “It is high time students pick up the challenge to liberate themselves through good citizenship and dedication to nation building. The future belong to us. We must build a country that we will be proud of. And we can only do this by changing the negatives about Nigeria”

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