Nwankwo Blasts South East Political Leaders Over Insecurity

Clement Nwankwo

By Harry Awurumibe, Editor Abuja Bureau 

Renowned Civil Society Activist, Dr. Clement Nwankwo has described political leaders of the South East extraction as huge disappointment in the face of the festering insecurity in the region. 

Speaking on Tuesday on Channels Television current affairs programme ‘Politics Today’, he also said the elected political leaders in the South East especially the state  Governors have failed their people woefully by not doing the jobs they were elected to do.

Nwankwo, a former Head of Civil Liberty Organisation (CLO)  who played a pivotal role in the birthing of the Third Republic blamed the South East Governors for abandoning governance in their states and pursuing new political positions at the center.

Said he: “I am very disappointed in the Governors in the South East region. It is a big shame that they cannot fix federal government roads that passes through their states and later go to Mr. President to ask for the refund like their colleagues from other states of the  federation. 

“Instead, they are positioning themselves to become the next President when they have not improved the lots of the people who elected them. I am from Imo state and I say that most people are not angry with what is happening in the center but in their state. Most of the Governors are not worthy to hold the Office”.

Also speaking in the same programme which dwelt on the Insecurity in South East and the decision reached by the political leaders who met in Enugu on Tuesday, 

Senator Chukwuka Utazi (PDP Enugu), however blamed the security situation in the South East on the political and economic marginalization of the region by the Federal Government. 

Said he: “It’s true that insecurity is taking another dimension in the South East but the leaders have started talking to the youth who are aggrieved over the marginalization of the South East. Before Nigeria used to be a Tripod but now it’s no longer three but two entities even when the South East played major parts in the political and economic development of Nigeria. 

“Again, the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria talks down on the South East and in the Security Architecture of Nigeria no South Easterner there to tell Mr. President the true position of things. Infact, Mr. President has the “magic wand” to restore peace in the South East”.

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