Nobel Peace Prize laureate Trimble nominates Netanyahu and bin Zayed

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed have received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize from laureate David Trimble.

A statement out of Israel said on Tuesday.

Netanyahu and Mohammed led efforts which resulted in the signing of an historic agreement on normalising ties between the two countries, as well as Bahrain, in Washington in September.

Northern Irish politician Trimble was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998, jointly with John Hume, for their efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland.

“Pursuant to the rules of the Nobel Prize Committee, since Lord Trimble is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, his decision to submit Prime Minister Netanyahu’s candidacy will lead the committee to discuss the issue,’’ Netanyahu’s office said.

The agreement between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain, was the first major deal of this kind between Arab countries and the Jewish State in a quarter century.

The two Gulf countries deviated from the general consensus among Arab states that a precondition for normalising ties would be Israel’s recognition of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Sudan has since also normalised relations with Israel.

U.S. President, Donald Trump, who facilitated the accords, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in September by right-wing Norwegian lawmaker Christian Tybring-Gjedde. (dpa/NAN)

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