No Going Back On Anti Same-Sex Marriage Law, Mark Insists

Mark and onaiyekam


President of the Senate, Mark has again appealed to religious leaders to use their weapons of prayer and fasting to actualize transformation both in our hearts and the society in order to overcome the numerous socio- political and economic challenges confronting the nation.
“The Church should continue to use her weapons of prayer and fasting; divine and human resources to actualize transformation both in our hearts and our society. Nigeria needs moral and spiritual revolution. And this is the time “, stressed.
Speaking at a dinner he hosted for Priests attending the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) holding in Otukpo, Benue state on Wednesday, Mark urged the Clergy to continue to pray for the sustenance of the democratic process.
He noted that the present challenges and expectations are high but “We will do our best to live up to the challenges”.
Mark canvassed that everything humanly possible should be done within the ambits of the Law to nurture our democracy in order to yield the needed dividend for the citizenry.
He cautioned against yielding to the pressures of unpatriotic bodies that are determined to destroy the peace and unity of Nigeria.
On the law banning same sex marriage, Senator Mark maintained that In spite of criticisms and pressure from some sections of international community, the law is irrevocable. He opined that same sex marriage is against our law and tradition and indeed offensive to humanity.
In their Seperate remarks President of CBCN Ignatius Kaigama and Archbishop of Abuja diocese John Cardinal Onaiyekan harped on peace and harmonious relationship between and among various religious groups saying that all Nigerians should have the right to practice his or her faith without fear of intimidation or molestation.
The duo asked government at all levels to do more to protect lives and property of citizens even as they pledged to continue to pray for Nigeria and her people.


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